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Welcome to Mark Barfoot's Online Store!

I'm Mark Barfoot, I create native crafts that are handmade and unique, of fine high quality, sure to Mark Barfoot with an elkhide hand drum.please you, your loved ones and friends. My traditional crafts are made of the finest materials and made  with my own hands. I have been a native artist for over 44 years. It is important to me to please the spirits and to respect tradition in all that I do.  You will see elkhide and  buffalo drums, cedar flutes and other fine domestic and exotic wood flutes, authentic turquoise and elk antler jewelry, antler carvings,  and breastplates.  You can be sure of high quality and  true craftsmanship when you purchase my art.  

Please enjoy browsing the store. I appreciate all of you who are and have been patrons of my art, and you who visit mi websites and Facebook Pages!  I appreciate you all.  From time to time, I will be offering special purchase pricing on many of my handmade crafts. Visit my websites and facebook often to know about special offers! 

I keep my prices as low as possible, to enable more people to afford what they want and need in life. Sometimes I must make a modest price increase to survive, and to meet the rising costs of materials and tools needed to create my art.

As always, for expedited  or international shipping, call  931-242-6207 or Email mi or Admin . Please read the shipping info and terms and conditions during your checkout process. We offer priority shipping but make no guarantee as to time. Ship Date is always dependent on availability and mi schedule. These are unique handmade items that take time to make. Thank you for your patience and appreciation of quality native art.

"I am honored to keep the tradition of the drum, and to share with you the ways and wisdom of my people."

Mark Barfoot

About Mark:

We trust you will discover all the fine Native American crafts offered for sale,  handmade by Mark Barfoot. Mark is Onondaga and Cherokee, born on the Cherokee Reserve in North Carolina. He has been making drums and other fine craft arts for over 44 years. 

Best known for his drums, native flutes are also a specialty  made by Mark. A purely creative multi-faceted artist, Mark creates  a wide variety of Native American arts and crafts: drums, flutes, moose antler carvings, primitive style knives, jewelry. He is also a performing artist, giving flute performances at shows, powwows, and at his own events. Mark conducts hand drum workshops nationwide (our Turtle Island), teaching many people how to make their own elkhide and maplewood hand or sweatlodge drums and beaters. During these workshops, Mark shares teachings learned from his elders. It is wolf clan wisdom that gives us great understanding about ourselves and the people around us, our relatives. We are all related. If you are interested in hosting or attending a drum workshop, please visit http://makeadrum.com or call Mark @ 931-242-6207.

Mark Barfoot, flute performance at Thunderhooves Concert in Alpine TexasMark's work has been in the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian and many private collections across the country including those of Bill Miller , Buffy Saint Marie, Rita Coolidge, Keith Secola, and Larry Mullen of U2. Among others who own and play his drums are Patrick Mirabal, Moontee Sinquah, Rita Coolidge, Rudy Youngblood,  Shea Keck, Mickey Free, Irene Bedard, Matt Kramer, former lead singer from Saigon Kick, Eli Secody, the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Dennis Banks, and countless others.

Mark makes personal appearances and drum making demonstrations at shows, schools, colleges, and conferences in the interest of education and sharing the Native American Indian way of life with others. He performs with the flute, and gives talks about the Native American Drum and its importance in American Indian Culture. He also conducts hand drum workshops, and while teaching the process of building a Native American Indian hand drum, he shares his deep knowledge of Indian history and lifeways. If you are interested in hosting a Make a Drum Workshop, please contact admin.  

You can share some of the experience and knowledge that is Mark Barfoot through his arts, his music, and by connecting with his Native American flutes and hand drums. "We connect with our ancestors when we express ourselves in keeping with these ancient traditions. The drum is the heartbeat of our Mother, and the art you find here is created of the Earth and of Spirit."  

Pictured below is one of Mark's cedar flutes. Sweet sounding, they mellow and get even better with age. The flute is a simple instrument, and allows us to express our spirit by making lovely music as our breath moves along the wood and through burned out holes. Marks flutes are still handmade, tho many sell mechanically made flutes. He holds with tradition, to carry out what his ancestors have handed down for so many years. Many are made of cedar like the one below...  it is the traditional wood for native flutes.

cedar flute by Mark Barfoot








Below is a sampling of  Mark's Painted Drums . 
 Look on the drum pages to find more painted hand drums, the same fine quality as the plain drums but enhanced with images that can give you a special connection with your drum.  Sometimes an image will speak to your spirit and that is the one for you.


A variety of small painted elkhide drums from Mark's new Painted Drum line.



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